Jiaoli Day and Night Melasma  Cream – THE ORIGINAL




Jiaoli Miraculous cream is prepared from the famous Chinese traditional medicine. Made with special technique, the cream can improve the skin of the face, quickly penetrating into the deeper part of the skin. Therefore it can invigorate the circulation of the blood, disple melanin gradually and remove harmful substance from the skin so that the skin will become clean and rosy and healthy.


Xiong guo gan, fruit acid, crocus, pearl powder, pollen, sheep placenta, essence of aloe


Quickly and thoroughly remove pigment and whiten the skin. It has special effect on removing skin ulcer, melanin, brown skin, freckles, brown speckles, pregnant pigment wrinkles and sunlight proof.


For external use only. Children and pregnant women are forbidden to use this. Be careful in applying to sensitive skin.The cream is applied twice a day, in the morning and evening (no.1 in the morning, no.2 in the evening)It is the normal phenomena when someone feels hot, tightened or the skin may fall of after application. You may take some vitamin C and E and antisensitive medicine if it is serious or cover your face with cold wet towel.


Keep it in a cool place. Before application, put a little of the cream on the skin of your insie arm and see if there is any hypersensitive reaction.Stop using if the skin becomes red, swollen and inflammatory.

NOTE: Currently a lot of faked JIAOLI Spot removing cream emerged in the market, which has damaged the interest of customers. In order to curb this, we have adopted updated laser technology of convex character for the number of products, one mark one number. We hope this anti-fake mark with concave & convex feeling can help our customers to identify original products.



FOR ORDERS: TEXT OR CALL  +639178882999 / inquiry@magic-potions.com




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One Response to “JIAOLI DAY AND NIGHT MELASMA CREAM – the original”

  1. grace cassey Says:

    I’ve been using Jiao-li for a year now and I’m satisfied with it. My skin really got noticeably better and my blemishes went gone. People even think i got a facial.

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